About Us

Neenah is the owner of a very respected dumpster rental company in San Antonio, and it is very rare to be a woman owned business in the trash industry. She has built her street credentials over the last 21 years and continues to provide the best service in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

She has been called "The Trash Whisperer" and has a very well-respected customer-service-first business model. Neenah is partnered with her husband Michael Denson and son Broc Dyson to start another business venture to accompany the ongoing needs of their contractors. For several years, our contractors have asked us to get into the temporary toilet rental business because current suppliers FAIL to furnish the high-quality service that they need and deserve.

Our customers can expect our well-established, HIGH-END customer service that we have provided to our customers for years. We researched this industry for over 2 years to make sure we can provide the highest quality of care and service our customers have come to expect and deserve. We look forward to our continued efforts on making San Antonio a cleaner and fresher place to live and play! Our belief is if Neenah is not willing to use the portable toilets, then she would not expect anyone else do so! The cleaning process and products are the best in the industry which allows us to do what we do best! The high standard is REAL!!! We look forward to making your number #2 business our new #1 priority!