Rental Guide

  1. Temporary toilets make any event comfortable and stress-free both for you and your guests. We have all seen crowded events and know how important restrooms are for any gathering. Good planning for proper sanitation is critical for success! A satisfied customer will stay longer, spend more money, and return next year.

  2. Imagine if your guests need to use a restroom and there are not enough facilities available. Impressions are everything, people waiting in endless lines to use a facility is not the one you want to leave with your guests. Things to consider in determining the number of toilets necessary are:
    • Head-count / expected crowds
    • Duration of the event
    • Are you providing food/beverages
    • Family style / wheelchair accessibility
    • Do you have to be ADA Compliant
    Insufficient portable toilet service reflects poorly on the event and on us, we strive to make both of us look good. Click here for the proven formula to help calculate the proper number of toilets and services

  3. Want to know how to alleviate the responsibility of monitoring your guests?
    • Damage Waivers, at a nominal fee, can be provided to help ease the responsibility of loss or damage to units. The fee involved is trivial when considering the cost to repair or replace a toilet.
  4. Things to consider prior to placement of units:
    • Accessibility for proper servicing (Truck needs to be within about 25 feet for our hose to reach).
    • Units need to be on a level surface
    • The area needs to be clear, plowed, sanded, not too muddy, and according to the weather conditions.
    • Easily accessible to your guests
    • Strategically placed in and around the event to avoid congestion
    • Well lit areas for safety
    • Wheel Chair accessibility if needed
    • Unscheduled/ last minute deliveries may be subject to delivery charges to cover time and fuel
  5. Things you might want to consider AFTER units have been placed:
    • Providing trash / recycling receptacles nearby
    • Providing wash / sanitizing stations
    • Frequency of service
    • There are additional fees for requested extra service or special trips for tip-over, blow-over, etc.
  6. Items not allowed inside units:
    • Diapers, wet wipes, sanitary napkins, clothing, trash, cigarettes, food, bottles, cans, plastic bags
  7. Things to consider when choosing a rental provider:
    • Do they provide outstanding customer service
    • Do they use deodorizers
    • Do they provide enough blue water
    • Are they available for emergency needs
    • What quality of toilet paper do they provide
    • Do they have a strict cleaning regiment
    • Are the servicing techs professional and courteous
    • Is the servicing equipment clean
    • Do they maintain their equipment
    • Do they provide a time/date servicing checklist